​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As the leader in the ROM industry, we continue to provide cutting-edge ROM products to our valued customers. Migrating from Mask ROM to XtraROM®, Macronix has made ROM products more flexible in production and delivery, while preserving high quality and cost advantages.

Macronix ROM products have been widely used, from game cartridges to slot machines to toys to ​learning devices. In the past decade, we have invested much on ROM products. In the future, we will continue developing​ advanced technology to make ROM a preferred medium for content publishing.

​​​ Product Solutions​​
  • Mask ROM

  • 128Mb
  • ​​​​ XtraROM®
  • XtraROM® is the leading ROM technology from Macronix without mask charge and with short TAT (Turn Around Time). With a proven record of delivery and quality, XtraROM® offers a robust medium for content publishing. The host MCU solely must READ the contents; it need not worry about bad blocks, wear leveling, and ECC. XtraROM® is classified into three categories: NAND XtraROM®, Gaming Machine XtraROM®, and ASIC XtraROM®.

  • ​​ ​NAND XtraROM®
  • Part No.DensityBus Width​​Access Time

    This device is pin compatible to NAND, but much more robust than NAND. It is popularly used as a cartridge for learning platforms.

  • ​​​​ Gaming Machine XtraROM®
  • This device, while maintaining the same checksum of the content during lifetime of gaming machines, is widely used in Pachinko and PachinSlot for video/audio, and code storage. It features 32 I/O for fast speed, 70-SSOP package, and up to 32Gb in density.

  • ​​​ ASIC XtraROM®
  • Macronix excels at customized XtraROM® from IC design to content programming to quick delivery. We can build your DRM(Digital Right Management) scheme in the circuit of XtraROM® to protect your content against piracy. Our designs are used in handheld gaming consoles over the world.

    Technology & Service​​

  • ​​​​​ Macronix NBIT™/​Nbit™​
  • ​​Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™ is Macronix's patented Nitride based technology utilizing a 2bits/cell or 4bits/cell architecture. With this multiple-bit innovation from Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™, our XtraROM® products offer customers significant cost savings for higher density requirements. And also, Macronix supports unique in-house and filed programming service on XtraROM®​​ products for customers to make total solution with Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™. Macronix offers Macronix NBIT™/​Nbit™ brand manufacturing, technical consulting, development and design services.


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