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Macronix designs and manufactures 3V, 2.5V and 1.8V Serial NOR Flash products from 512Kb to 2Gb. We also offer backward-compatible, high-performance Serial NOR Flash, MXSMIO® (Multi-I/O) family and MXSMIO® Duplex (DTR) family.

Standard Serial Interface: MX25xxx06 Series

The MX25xxx06 series provides Standard Serial Interface x1 or x2 I/O [Single I/O or Dual I/O] at a single 3V or 2.5V power-supply voltage. These products are offered with 4KB sectors and 64KB blocks.

Default Lock Protection: MX25xxx26 Series

The default lock protection series is optimized for Parameter Protection applications. These products utilize the BP volatile protection bits to protect selected boot areas of memory against misuse of programs, and to erase instructions in the protected area.

MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O): MX25/66xxx33/35/36/39 Series

The MXSMIO® Family provides two kinds of Multi-I/O interfaces: the MX25/66xxx33/35/39 series, which offers a Multi-in / Multi-out interface, and the MX25xxx36 series, which offers a Single-in / Multi-out interface. Both series are available on Quad I/O operation, which quadruples the read performance of systems for high-end consumer applications.

MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O) Duplex (DTR): MX25/66xxx45/85 Series

The MX25xxx45 series offer Quad I/O interface with DTR (Double Transfer Rate) mode operation, featuring the industry’s fastest data transfer rate up to 800MHz. To extend MXSMIO® Duplex family I/O selection, we also provide Dual Quad I/O interface with DTR (Double Transfer Rate) mode operation, MX66xxx85 series, featuring data transfer rate of up to 1600MHz. The MXSMIO® Duplex family offers independent block lock protection on the boot sector.

MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O), Quad I/O Permanent Enable: MX25xxx73 Series

The MX25xxx73 series provide Multi-I/O default enable solution. The Multi-I/O interface is available without any setting in Flash side, and it provides user more convenient way to experience the Multi-I/O performance.

Permanent Lock: MX25/66xxx55/56 Series

The MX25/66xxx55/56 series with permanent lock feature provide extreme write protection mechanism. This security feature could permanently set block or sector of a flash to be read only. Our flash memory is available to protect system operation from intentional tampering.

Serial NOR Flash Product Portfolio

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable solutions that meet your needs, including the latest product selection and recommended form factors.

Featured Products

OctaFlash memory provides extendable I/O capability to broaden our Serial NOR Flash throughput efficiently. It dedicates to raising the product performance with the fastest 200MHz frequency, combining with the DTR feature.

MX25R product family supports the standard Serial NOR Flash interface. It features ultra low power consumption, 60% lower than that of traditional products, and wide range Vcc (1.65V-3.6V), enabling extended battery life.