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In today’s product development pipelines, security is a critical design consideration due to mandates by product marketing, governments and customers. Unsecure products can bring risks, along with subsequent damage to a product’s or company’s reputation if that product is hacked and sensitive data is stolen.

Fortunately, Macronix has a range of layered security features built directly into its flash memory products. These features enable customers to protect confidential/sensitive and private data stored in flash memory from malicious overwrites and attacks.

The Macronix Secure Flash portfolio includes a broad offering of NOR memories: Serial NOR from 32Mb to 1Gb. Along with the security features built into many of these products, we also offer a line of highly secure NOR flash products called ArmorFlash™ for very sensitive applications. Please contact your local sales representative for help in finding the optimal security features for your product.


Macronix Security Features Overview

    HW Block Protect SW Block Protect One-Time
(OTP) Area
Advanced Block Protection Permanent
Block Lock
Individual Protect Read Protect BGA Package
Serial NOR Flash Security v v v v v v v v
Standard v v v v        


Macronix Security Solutions

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable solutions that meet your needs, including the latest product selection and recommended form factors


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