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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Macronix and the Environment

Macronix is strongly committed to environmental protection and conservation.

Macronix is aggressively driven to achieve a high standard of environmental performance by conserving energy and water resources, process improvement, pollution control, office eco-awareness, recycling, eco-protection, and training. Our goal is to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and international standards. Macronix has established deeply rooted environment and eco-awareness ideals into our company culture with concrete actions to love and protect our earth.

  • Environmen​tal Management System​
  • Macronix has been certified by the internationally recognized ISO 14001 environmental management system in August of 1997 and has established environmental standards across all levels within our management system. Internal and external audits are carried out annually to ensure that all aspects of the environmental management system are implemented by the ISO system of PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act). We are equally committed to ensure the health and safety of the environment and continually improving our environmental programs.

  • Ecological Sustainability and Education
  • Macronix's aim of eco-design is implemented by spending large amounts of resources to maintaining an area of nearly six hectares into a green grass covered park – Macronix Park. There are up to 1500 trees and other plants in the park including banyan trees, camphor tree, bamboo, and Taiwan acacia trees...etc, to name a few. Additionally, there is also a wide variety of water plants including yellow water lilies, duckweed, and Typha orientalis Presl...etc, there is always something different for every season of the year.

    Macronix Park is open to the public and has become the main spot for Hsinchu schools and eco-awareness organizations to hold eco-efficiency education and training programs. Beginning from 2004, Macronix Park has received "Outstanding Landscape Award" from Hsinchu Science Park Administration for many years.

  • Energy and Water Saving
  • In response to the avocation of "green enterprise" and the aim towards high efficiency, decreasing pollution and a "green fabrication" production, Macronix is ceaselessly driven to decrease energy and water consumption so as to reduce use of non-renewable resources to minimize environmental impact. Due to our outstanding efforts, Macronix has received awards multiple times by Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, Water Resources Agency, Bureau of Energy, and Industrial Development Bureau for the conservation of water, energy and resources.

  • Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Concerning the global trends of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Management Act in Taiwan, Macronix began planning GHG emission inventory and verification in 2000 and was the first company to receive GHG Emission Verification in Hsinchu Science Park. In 2007, Macronix passed the verification by British Standards Institute (BSI) and received the “ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.” From 2011, Macronix has passed the verification every year, and received the “ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Verification Statement.” Macronix’s carbon dioxide emission in 2018 reduced 9.3% compared to 2011.​

  • Green Purchasing
  • In accordance to conserving our environment and recycle trends, Macronix will only purchase appliances such as energy efficient light bulbs, drinking water fountains, personal computers and peripheral equipment with the Environmental Protection Administration’s "Green Mark" or the Ministry of Economic Affair’​s "Energy Label“ and "Water Conservation Label.” We have excelled ourselves in fulfilling the corporate social responsibility. Our efforts have been recognized by the government as evidenced in multiple awards we have received.​