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​​​​​​Establishing a warm, happy, and growing workplace for Macronix employees has always been the core value for all of us in the organization. We support our employees to find their highest potential and create self-worth, in order for the organization and employees to grow together. Because of its ability to manage schedules efficiently as well as its emphasis on effective management, the Macronix R&D team has developed many breakthroughs in NVM solutions. For Example, our technical papers have been selected by leading global forum, International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) for eight consecutive years.

The company's growth is not only measured through the growth of our sales achievements, but also uplifting the well-being and standard of living for our employees. Macronix believes that employees are the company's most valuable asset and a comfortable working and learning environment would make employees more active and productive, thus creating the motive for success. Therefore, Macronix strives to create a healthy workplace, providing employees with care, complete career planning classes, diverse extracurricular activities, assorted benefits and a personal working environment. Additionally, after considerable thought, Macronix has implemented a management system to improve the working environment in order to present colleagues with a warm, happy, growing Macronix, which is a home away from home.

Furthermore, Macronix fully respects personal differences, and offers open communication channels, including quarterly executive communication meetings, employee satisfaction survey, employee comment box and Macronix quarterly magazine. This opens up employee communications with management so that they can offer suggestions for improvement in different areas.​

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