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Chairman & CEO

Miin Wu
Education:M.S., Material Science & Engineering, Stanford University
Experience:Macronix International Co., Ltd., Founder & President
Macronix Inc., Founder & Vice President

Miin Wu founded Macronix International Co., Ltd. in1989. He has been the Chairman of Macronix since March 2005 and currently serves as the CEO of the Company and the Chairman of Macronix's subsidiaries including Mxtran.

Macronix, led by Miin Wu is Taiwan's first memory manufacturer which is dedicated to developing top-notch home-grown products and technologies. It is one of a very few Taiwanese Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) companies which can design, manufacture, and sell its own IC products. This innovative business model leads Taiwan to stray form traditional OEM-oriented mainstream business style.

During the emerging stage of semiconductor industry in Taiwan, Miin Wu, with a unique semiconductor concept, brought many of his fellow Taiwanese engineers working in the United Sates back to homeland to found Macronix. This so-called "Reverse Brain Drain" move tuned back the situation of most Taiwanese high-tech talents migrating to foreign countries in search of education and training but never to return. In addition, he also assisted in promoting high-tech companies as the investment target in Taiwan stock market to appeal more foreign investments. In 1995, Macronix became the first high-tech company listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation. This has further facilitated foreign investors increasing their investment ratio in Taiwan.​

Under Wu's visionary leadership, Macronix has become a leading world-class non-volatile memory company. Macronix is the world's largest and most advanced ROM manufacturer. In the NOR Flash field, the Company also ranked No. one in ​the world. Miin Wu has earned many recognitions such as "Premier Award on Contemporary Business Leader"(Taiwan Business Weekly), "Top Executive"(Electronic Business Asia), "The 25 Industry executives who made a difference" (Electronic Buyers' News), Cover People of Forbes, "Outstanding Contribution Award" (The Electronics Devices and Materials Association), "The Stars of Asia" (Business Week). He was also awarded of "Honorary Doctorate" by National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University,​ and National Tsing Hua University,​ "Outstanding Achievement Award" by National Cheng Kung University and "Outstanding Alumni Award" by National Taichung First Senior High School, “Outstanding Entrepreneur” by The General Chamber of Commerce of the R.O.C., a Fellow and "Outstanding Performance Award in the Field of Management of Technology" of Chinese Society for Management of Technology, "Professor Shen Wenzen Memorial Award" for his outstanding contribution of the integrated circuits and system design fields​, Social Education Contribution Awards of Ministry of Education, "Country Winner" and "Business Paradigm Entrepreneur" of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year,​ "Digital Transforming Leader Award" of Harvard Business Review, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Laureate, "Lifetime Achievement Award" of Global Views Leaders Forum, "Presidential Innovation Award" and ​"Executive of the Year" of EE Awards Asia.​​

Miin Wu received his Master degree in Material Science and Engineering from Stanford University. Before establishing Macronix, he has been holding senior and managerial positions with VLSI Technology Inc., Intel Corp., Rockwell International and Siliconix Inc. in Silicon Valley. Miin Wu has accumulated more than 30 years of rich experiences in the semiconductor industry.