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Quality Policy

At Macronix, we commit to quality through continual improvement of our quality management system. We strive to provide superior products to fulfill customers’ various application needs. Including:

  • Product aspect: by utilizing more sophisticated technology to continuously produce cost-effective and innovative product.
  • Quality aspect: zero tolerance on quality defect and persist in continuous improvement to fulfill customers' requirements.
  • Manufacturing aspect: more advanced automated manufacturing to improve efficiency / capacity and error-proof capability.
  • Employee aspect: through comprehensive training to upgrade employee's work quality and optimize the flexibility of resources.

​ Macronix commits to customer satisfaction with highest product quality as our job one. That is why we work closely with our customers across all continents to ensure their needs are identified and addressed. Our cohesive Green Product operation chain is certified by ISO TS16949.

Macronix memory products are qualified for the consumer markets with JEDEC/EIA standards and extend to the most stringent Automotive TS-grade AECQ-100 qualification defined by Automotive Electronic Council.

Macronix continues to invest to the utmost analytical capability as technology advances and has established a complete internal Qualification and Failure Analysis capabilities to provide the most accurate and quick turn information to serve our customers. The laboratory is operated by a team of skilful technicians and engineers all year round.

In addition to the existing capability, Macronix further enhances analytical capability by working with domestic laboratories and associated universities.

Available Technique

  • Precision location identification and inspection
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Product characterization analysis with Memory testers
  • Sophisticated bench test equipments
  • SIMS
  • Chemical Analysis ICP-MS
  • Precision sample preparation
  • Package analysis
  • Decapsulations for all product and different layers
  • Defect location and identification
  • Chemical and dry depassivation methods
  • FIB microsurgery and cross-sectioning
  • Humidity and High Temperature (up to 175C) environmental chambers

Available Equipments

  • High resolution Precision Analysis Equipment
  • Reliability Qualification Equipment