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LybraFlash: The Optimum Solution for Gigabit Flash Memory

Today’s applications continue to quickly evolve to support growing demands from the markets they serve. This demand is lengthening feature lists and driving the growth of non-volatile memory (NVM) capacities, previously 32-64MB, jumping to 128MB and above. These trends are also compelling the adoption of NAND Flash over NOR Flash for the cost advantage, when the density range of NOR can be matched by NAND. However, it can be an initial undertaking to work with NAND if the system designer lacks experience in doing so or if the application hardware doesn’t support it.

With that challenge in mind, Macronix has developed LybraFlash™ as an ideal choice for most automotive systems.  LybraFlash™ delivers a user experience comparable to NOR flash, with no need to change the system’s hardware design and only small modifications to system software to achieve this.

LybraFlash™ implements an embedded ECC engine to deliver high integrity data. This feature paves the way for most MCU platforms lacking either support of ECC hardware or computing power based on software ECC calculations. In order to achieve the highest data integrity possible, LybraFlash™ also provides other enhanced reliability features that provide impressive data reliability performance.

LybraFlash™ Memory is a great fit for code storage use, accomplished by high performance continuous read operation, fast write (program/erase) performance, strong data integrity, and respectable endurance.

For those that want fast write performance, similar read performance compared to standard SPI NOR Flash, and cost effective high capacity Flash memory, LybraFlash™ could be the right solution for that next project.

Please contact Macronix sales for more details.


Key Features

  • Solution Coverage of the MX31 Series:
    • VCC: 3V family (MX31LFxGE4BC) & 1.8V family (MX31UFxGE4BC)
    • Density: 1~2Gb
  • I/F: SPI Single, Dual, Quad I/O( 1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-4, 1-2-2, 1-4-4)
  • High Performance
    • Read throughput: ~50MB/s (Quad I/O, w/ continuous read mode)
    • SPI clock rate: 104MHz Quad I/O
  • Special Features for NOR-like Boot Applications: Please contact Macronix for details
  • High Reliability Features: (please contact Macronix for details)
  • Package: 8-WSON, 24-BGA, 16-SOP

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