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Macronix SLC NAND Flash complements its world-leading Serial and Parallel NOR Flash offerings. Our rigorous quality management system ensures that Macronix SLC NAND is one of the most robust and reliable NAND devices in the market.

Macronix focuses on the low density NAND market with industry-standard packages and features. The SLC NAND product portfolio includes: MX30LF/MX60LF family of 3V parallel SLC NAND, ranging in densities from 512Mb to 8Gb; MX30UF family of 1.8V SLC NAND, offered in densities from 1Gb to 4Gb.

Macronix Secure NAND Flash, the MX30LFxxS series, provides the advanced PBL (Permanently Block Lock) security feature implemented in the NAND device. This security feature could permanently set block or sector of a flash to be read only, which protects the confidential code from intentional tampering and attacks. The products are available in densities from 1Gb to 4Gb and support ONFI 1.0 NAND interface.


SLC NAND Flash Product Portfolio

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable solutions that meet your needs, including the latest product selection and recommended form factors.


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