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As the NO.1 ROM provider in the industry, we continue to offer the cutting-edge ROM products to our valued customers. Migrating from Mask ROM to XtraROM® with significant resources investment, Macronix has made ROM products more flexible in production and delivery, while preserving high quality and cost advantages.


Macronix excels at customized XtraROM® from IC design to content programming with short TAT (Turn Around Time) and quick delivery. The host MCU of XtraROM® solely must READ the contents; it need not worry about bad blocks, wear leveling, and ECC. With no extra mask charge, we can also build your DRM (Digital Right Management) scheme in the circuit of XtraROM® to protect your content from being pirated. Our designs are used as robust medium for content publishing in gaming applications around the world.

Technology & Service

Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™

Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™ is Macronix's patented Nitride based technology utilizing a 2bits/cell or 4bits/cell architecture. With this multiple-bit innovation from Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™, our XtraROM® products offer customers significant cost savings for higher density requirements. And also, Macronix supports unique in-house and filed programming service on XtraROM® products for customers to make total solution with Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™. Macronix offers Macronix NBIT™/Nbit™ brand manufacturing, technical consulting, development and design services.

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable so​lutions that meet your needs.


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