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​The mission of Macronix foundry team is to bring in ease of use and high quality design material to customers. We are willing to share professional advice and provide customized services throughout the process of design to implementation. PDK and libraries are available for use in our 8” foundries.

Process Design Kit (PDK)

Process Design List

  • Simulation models (Hspice, Spectre)
  • Monte Carlo Statistical model
  • Layout design rule
  • Electrical rule
  • ESD guideline
  • PCM data
  • Process characterization report

Physical Verification Files

  • DRC/ANT/ESD/LVS: Calibre
  • RC Extraction: Star-RC, Calibre-xRC, LPE

Layout Technology Files

  • Pcell: Cadence IC5x & IC6x
  • Mcell: Synopsys Laker2 & 3


Standard Cell

  • 7, 9, and 12 track libraries are available for 0.18μm, using 5.0V & 1.8V technology
  • Multiple drive strengths
  • Applicable for 3-6 metal layers
  • Precise timing and physical models for Cadence and Synopsys EDA suite

IO Cell

  • Pure 5V or 5/1.8V mixed voltage
  • Inline and core limited IO
  • Applicable for 3-6 metal layers
  • User configurable GPIO for different drive strengths and features
  • 2-40Mhz Oscillator IO cell

​​​​​​​​SRAM Complier

  • In-house developed SRAM complier for 0.18μm, which use 5V & 1.8V process with bit-cell area 10μm2 and 4μm2 respectively
  • Hard macros available for other platforms

Embedded NVM

  • Macros (0.25~8Mb) for 0.11um eOTP process
  • 0.18um eOTP/eMTP/eFlash (in development)

Supporting Services

  • In house ESD pre-tape out review
  • Customize library characterization
  • Physical implementation consultation

† IC5x, and IC6x are registered trademarks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
† StarRC, Laker2, and Laker3 are registered trademarks of Synopsys, Inc.
† Calibre and Calibre xRC, are registered trademarks of Mentor.