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16th Automotive Electronics Council Workshop

Date : 2014/04/22 - 2014/04/24
Location : Novi, Michigan, USA
Place : Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel
Event Site :

​​​​​​​The 16th 2014 AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop was held April 22-24 at Michigan, USA.
Macronix, as a sponsor and also an AEC member, presented the topic: "NAND Flash Qualification Challenges for Automotive Applications."

The Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) was originally established by Chrysler, Ford, and GM for the purpose of establishing common part-qualification and quality-system standards. The goal of the Automotive Electronics Council is the development of uniform automotive industry specifications and requirements to improve automotive product quality and reliability while reducing cost and time to market.
Workshop Agenda: 2014 AEC Workshop Agenda