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Macronix MX25R產品家族具超低功耗、寬電壓範圍特性,適合各種強調低功耗的應用,如物聯網 (IoT)、可穿戴式裝置、行動裝置等等。 MX25R系列產品較標準Serial NOR Flash 可節省60%以上的電力,並具有寬Vcc電壓特性(1.65V-3.6V),能有效延長電池壽命。

MX25R系列產品容量為512Kb至64Mb,採用標準Serial NOR快閃記憶體介面,並提供超小體積如USON、WLCSP的封裝產品,亦可提供良裸晶KGD與主晶片搭配。



  • 標準Serial NOR快閃記憶體介面
  • 超低功耗
    • Ultra-Low Deep Power Down Current 7nA
    • Ultra-Low Active Current < 4mA
  • 寬Vcc電壓 (1.65V-3.6V)
  • 採用揮發性位元 (Volatile Bit) 於超低功耗模式 (Ultra Low Power Mode) 與高效能模式 (High Performance Mode) 之間切換
  • 支援Multi-I/O,及暫停/回復 (Suspend/Resume) 功能
  • 支援Unique ID和Secured OTP
  • 超小體積: KGD, WLCSP, USON, WSON




Macronix WLCSP is a true chip-scale package, offering an extremely small footprint. It is the ideal solution for mobile or portable form factor applications, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, smart watches, bluetooth headsets, and GPS navigation devices.

Macronix provides Known Good Die (KGD) products for custom System in Package (SiP) solutions requiring small form factor Flash memory. Our KGD products are ideal for diverse applications, such as portable consumer electronics, set-top box, DSC, mobile phones, IoT/wearable devices, automotive devices, GPS, tablets, industrial, networking….etc.


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