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With the demand of low power applications, such as health monitoring, Bluetooth connection, IoT, wearables and mobile Internet devices, system engineers will need memory with reduced supply voltage to simplify their design.

The MX25S Series meets these needs by featuring 1.2V (1.14V-1.6V) and ultra-low power consumption (0.8mA ICC_active, 0.05uA ICC_dpd), capable of more than 80% power saving*. The MX25S will also effectively extend the battery life.

The MX25S series of products is a Serial NOR Flash memory interface, offered from 4Mb to 128Mb densities, and in small form factor packages, such as USON and WLCSP, or KGD (Known Good Die) that can be used with SiP solution.

* compared to the existing Serial NOR Flash


Key Features

  • Standard Serial NOR Flash Interface
  • Wide Range Vcc: 1.14-1.6V
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
    • Ultra Low Deep Power Down Current: 0.05uA
    • Ultra Low Active Current: 0.8mA
  • Multi-I/O Supported
  • Ultra High Performance: 120MHz/133MHz Read Speed
  • DTR (Double Transfer Rate) Mode Supported
  • Volatile Bit to Switch between Ultra Low Power Mode and High Performance Mode
  • Program/Erase Suspend/Resume function Supported
  • Unique ID and Secured OTP Supported
  • Ultra Small Form Factor: KGD, WLCSP, USON, WSON

1.2V Serial NOR Flash Product Portfolio


Featured Solutions

Macronix WLCSP is a true chip-scale package, offering an extremely small footprint. It is the ideal solution for mobile or portable form factor applications, such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, smart watches, bluetooth headsets, and GPS navigation devices.

Macronix provides KGD products for custom System in Package (SiP) solutions requiring small form factor Flash memory. Our KGD products are ideal for diverse applications, such as portable consumer electronics, set-top box, DSC, mobile phones, IoT/wearable devices, automotive devices, GPS, tablets, industrial, networking.

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